Pictured below is where it all started – the Girder & Panel Building Set. I guess I was about 8 or 9 when my parents gave this to me. So it’s really their fault…

John Darrohn's Girdle & Panel Building Set At the time I had no idea what an architect or engineer was, I was just a kid having fun. Over the course of numerous sessions of constructing make believe skyscrapers, my play time was also unknowingly planting the seeds for something much greater that would become an integral part of my adult life.

The story was the same whether it was Legos, Erector sets, Lincoln Logs or any other toy and game that allowed me to flex my mind – I often dreamed of how things were built and what made them work.

Fast forward 10 years to college. Like my best friend Tim, I was a mechanical engineering major until my second year of college. Our advisor, Dr. Palazolo and a civil engineer no less, brain-washed us both to consider switching our majors to civil engineering. Once I changed, I quickly gained a love for the field. Civil engineering really suited us and still does to this day. Since then I continue to be amazed with our profession. Civil engineering is very people serving.

I feel good when I think how my work helps a client complete a project that provides places and spaces for people to live, work, and play. I love walking raw land and dream of what can be or figuring out how I am going to transform aging infrastructure into someone else’s dream. The challenges are always unique. The best feeling is seeing our project in use after all the backhoes and equipment have left and everything has been tidied up.

I like driving through old projects to see if things are really working like I intended.

As civil engineers we are sculptors of the land. Once constructed, our designs and engineered solutions last for decades. We therefore have a responsibility in providing aesthetic, functional, and cost effective solutions that protect the natural resources where they are located while serving the community in which they reside.

At Darrohn Engineering we listen to our client’s needs, evaluate the constraints and specific design challenges before us, and try to get it right with development of smart and sensible solutions at reasonable costs. Let us know if we can partner with you and bring your development dreams to fruition.

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  1. Barbara Albrecht comments on Why I Engineer – Thoughts From Our Founder
    Barbara Albrecht

    Hi John Darrohn,
    Is it okay to build stormwater ponds in wetlands or riparian zones?
    Love your website.

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