Darrohn Engineering is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you with your facility’s infrastructure needs. We are experts at navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements in order to develop innovative design solutions that meet or exceed project goals.

Our team of licensed civil engineers is at the ready to turn your concepts into effective engineered solutions. We have the civil engineering experience and creative passion that can help make your project successful.

Our Process

Creating a design and gaining approval for construction requires numerous steps before any equipment arrives to start digging. We follow similar steps to reach milestones for all projects.

At the outset of all projects we listen to the client for their vision and goals for the work. Sites are evaluated and preliminary project budgets and schedules are determined. We often recommend the client retain us to perform site due diligence early on to assess and verify if any “red flag” concerns will be encountered with the proposed development. We prefer to reveal any larger concerns as early as possible to limit surprises further in the process. Site surveys are obtained so we have accurate data available from which we can commence with the proposed design.

  • Project goals disclosed
  • Project budget established
  • Site selection & evaluation
  • Due diligence & surveying

It is important to know the goals before we dive in and start creating potential design solutions. Through coordination with design team members and contractors we address red flags, gain consensus, and ensure our desired solutions are constructible for the available budget. By reviewing preliminary designs with local officials we confirm permitting requirements and develop schedules for forthcoming permitting reviews and approvals should the owner decide to advance the project further.

  • Develop concept alternatives
  • Preliminary pricing
  • Assess permitting requirements

This stage is where all remaining design elements are developed and details for constructing each solution are determined and finalized. Once complete we submit the design drawings and specifications to all approving authorities to gain permit approvals allowing construction to then proceed. Coordination with the design team and contractors will ensure our solutions are valid and complete.

  • Develop construction drawings & documents
  • Obtain regulatory permit approvals
  • Finalize construction cost estimates
  • Contractor coordination

Once construction is underway our efforts are often reduced as the contractor assumes the lead role in constructing the project as designed. Where appropriate, we recommend our clients retain us for construction observation to ensure approved designs and specifications are followed to ensure compliance with the desired vision established at the project outset. Once all systems are in place we will certify various civil site work components allowing project closeout to occur.

  • Construction & implementation
  • Perform construction observation
  • Certify work
  • Project vision realized

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