First established in 1884 Richland Cemetery in Greenville, SC is a historic African American cemetery. Numerous influential Greenville citizens have been interred there over the years. Slopes on the northern cemetery perimeter at Hilly Street were steep, lacked vegetation, and experiencing severe erosion.


Deteriorating site conditions prompted Greenville’s Parks and Recreation department to work with the Friends of Richland Cemetery to advance a design to rehabilitate and stabilize this portion of the cemetery perimeter. Darrohn Engineering was retained by the City of Greenville Department of Parks and Recreation to provide design and permitting services for site repairs and enhancements.

A new retaining wall and decorative column were designed to provide repairs to failing slopes and bring renewed visibility to the historic cemetery. Column and stone details matched older stone work at other locations at the cemetery to help maintain continuity with older infrastructure that remains.  Construction for the project was completed in 2011 at a cost of $75,000.

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