Since 2005 the City of Greenville has embarked on a plan to improve multi-modal transportation alternatives throughout the city with an ever growing bicycle network and freshen up dated streetscape infrastructure in many parts of downtown.


In 2011 Greenville’s own North Main Street was placed on a road diet to accommodate bicycle infrastructure improvements between Academy Street and Ashley Avenue. Outer lanes were removed and replaced with bike lanes, parallel parking, and painted curb bump-outs as part of implementation. Future anticipated streetscape improvements included relocated and consolidated commercial driveways and the addition of landscaping. This work was performed as a part of the Greenville Bicycle Master Plan project and required coordination and conformance with SCDOT guidelines.

Phase 2 of the N. Main Street streetscape enhancements was completed in 2013 with the design of new landscape islands at each end of parallel parking bays. All bicycle infrastructure improvements between Academy Street and Ashley Avenue from the previous design effort were maintained.

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